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1) Badass tank gunner smoking cigar

2) Ripper bloke

3) L33t no scoper
Driver: "Yo Canyon! Take down that haji at 10 o clock!"

The Canyon: "Fuckin' Get Some!!"
by THE CANYON May 17, 2010
A very loose slut esp. with a gaping vagina or in some cases, a gaping anus.
Danielle is the canyon!
by Tainted Psyche March 21, 2003
someone who likes to ride horses and bitch at everyone about everything.
chloe: markala, shut the fuck up. nobody cares.
markala: damn! quit being such a canyon.
by misses night hawk January 19, 2011
A women's vagina that is wider than a tire and deeper than a pool.
Did you hear that Linda has a Canyon in her pants.
by Gingerbread man 201 September 30, 2013
A unique period in the menstrual cycle, Justin Bieber being the only known woman to experience this stage of the cycle. It involves ovulation from the kidneys, rather than ovaries and can cause high distress levels, often resulting in an inability to walk.
Male A - "Dude, what's up with her?"
Male B - "I dunno man, it's like she's on her canyon"
by L33T no-scoper May 23, 2010
Places where redneck high schoolers party at. Location often provides the opportunity of "mudding." Canyon parties are fun, no doubt, but often not very well thought-out.
*Big & Rich blaring in the background of canyon party*
"Shit son! the po's are coming! Let's climb up into the trees so we don't get caught!"
*4 hours later*
"Well, I'm finally sobering you think they wrote down my license plates while they were here?"
by idaho, udaho September 28, 2006
Fatass jay
yo dizzle lets go blizze this canyonizzle (hello dog, let us go blaze this fat joint filled with chronic)
by Rizzle November 04, 2003
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