Either a boy or a girls name

Boy- great at ... well everything. Super sexy, super abs. Take advantage! Sometimes Carter's are shy so don't be scared to talk to him!! One of the funniest guys you with every meet.

Girl- damn prettiest girl you will ever meet. She might not be the sexiest on the outside (but trust me, she WILL have a great body) but she is beautiful through and through. Great personality and character. Very determined and smart. Also pretty physically fit. You can usually find Carter's rowing or swimming. Carter's are shy, so make the first move.
Girl1- who is that new kid other there?
Girl2- Oh, that is Carter. He is super nice!
Girl3- Have you seen his abs!!

]Boy1- DAMN!! Who is that?
Boy2- That is Carter nicest girl I know. Very athletic and pretty too.
Boy3- She is almost too perfect.]
by Luna17 May 06, 2013
A Carter is a person who skips out on his/her friends or leaves prematurely when hanging out.
"Dude is Rodney coming over?" "Naa man hes being a Carter and hanging with his girlfriend."
by Ditcherman97 December 29, 2011
A guy who unexpectedly gets many girls. He has trouble comiting and dedicating himself to one girl, but when he cares a lot for you he spends time letting you know. He is very intelligent and works hard at all he does. He is a goof around his bros but loving and caring around a girl. He is the kind of person to like a girl but continue to talk to many other girls based solely on looks. He's one worth waiting for. He values family and determination. Many question his motives and actions but all comes from a good heart. Those who critique him are often jealous. He is one of the funniest people you will ever encounter.
Person 1: Who are you talking to?
You keep smiling at your phone?
Person 2: oh, I'm just talking to Carter.
Person 1: him?!
Person 2: he means well and he's so funny!
by Sillygirl January 07, 2014
A Carter will always make you laugh and can make a great friend. Sometimes akward but will always have a smile on your face. Handsome boy.
“He's cute! He must be a carter.“
“That guy is hilarious...“ “Yep, he's a carter.“
by Sun_struck February 11, 2014
A legendary German-American Student at Auburn University. Carter is renowned for his wit, strength, humor, and wealth. Students can often catch a glimpse of Carter driving around in his new BMW M5, at the library where he frequently studies, or at on campus gym where he is known for benching over 400lbs. Some folks go so far as to say that, “Carter is the Hercules of today."
Guy 1: Dude who was that huge German dude at Sky Bar the other tonight with all those babes.
Guy 2: Dude it must have been Carter
by Raider1987 April 06, 2008
Carter is the one and only. Carter is a fucking genius and amazing being. You might notice some one is a Carter or you have a Carter if see normal general characteristics such as being, a Playboy Billionaire, a US Navy Seal, a Astronaut, super fucking handsome, or any other things like being able to fly and do everything right.
"That guy is so hot!"-Girl 1
"Well Duh, he's a Carter!"-Girl 2
by kickassguy117 June 05, 2014
A really sweet and funny guy who can be a little annoying at times but he's easy to warm up to. He is the best friend anyone could have and you are lucky to know one. He is kinda shy at first but once you get to know him he's really cool to talk to.
1: Who's your best friend?
2: Oh his name is carter.
1: Aw lucky I wish he was my best friend.
by Thugpug01 February 25, 2015
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