An individual carrying an excess of feces in the large intestine, either due to constipation or the preamble to an explosive sphincter experience.
guys I have to go home, I'm a total carter and I don't want to break these nice peoples crapper
by k.raker May 24, 2011
to scam someone, to cheat someone out of something, to run out of an establishment without paying
You trying to carter me bro? Looks like they pulled a carter and skipped out without paying the check!
by Bobbybob November 27, 2013
The most gorgeous girl in the world. She has tons of friends and everyone loves her. She is the coolest person you'll ever meet.
oh her? that's Carter.
by seximexi86 August 12, 2009
A large man with a small brain. Directly descended from the cross breading of a seal and a squirrel. Generally classified as having unforgivable features and an over-sized derriere.
Oh yuck, there's Carter.
by chiefa September 18, 2011
1. Carter- A penis, or male genitalia. Just the shaft and head, balls are not included when referring to a penis as a "Carter."
1. "I though she was a chick, but then she pulled out the biggest Carter I've ever seen."
by DrDro April 02, 2009
(1) v: To assume incompetence of those around you (2) v: To demand total control in your social interactions (3) n: A scroogy, dodgy character reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz
Honey I know how to slice the cucumbers, stop cartering me!
by Yoyomasa October 28, 2009
1. Efficient crack house run by Nino Brown in the movie New Jack City

2. Name of lil wayne's album
"In tha carter we still working wit dat burk fo ya, im the god and tha turban fits perfect, word." - Lil Wayne
by ~MaD_CliPz~ September 05, 2006

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