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A type of triangularly-shaped clip used to carry loads.
The clip has a twist lock when used for mountain climbing (it's original purpose)
Or with out a lock it can be seen clipped on to a belt loop carrying keys and such
This carribeaner holds my keys and lanyard.
by AJ Garrigus June 01, 2006
1. Any person of Hispanic descent from a Hispanic island in the Caribbean.
2. A Hispanic whose diet consists mainly of Pollo Tropical
3. A Puerto Rican, Costa Rican, Cuban, or Dominican.
4. Someone who prefers to remove their hubcaps from their car to emulate the fashionable Puerto Rican no hubcap look.
Look at that busted Honda civic with only one hubcap! Yeah, it's just another Carribeaner. Oh yeah, I should have known it was a Puerto Rican!
by Poorliberals June 10, 2011