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Refers to the lesbo that illicits her sexual explosion upon the "carpet" of her dyke counterpart.
It took me three hours and two showers to clean up that atomic carpet bombing she laid on me last night. She is a carpet bomber galore.
#vagina #lesbos #dykes #cooter #clitoris #bush #cookie monster
by scissorccs March 21, 2010
A purveyor of the carpetbomb. This means that this person will go into other people's homes, uninvited, and shit on their carpets, rugs, shags, or whatever floor-coverings they they may have.
Dude, Jake is a carpetbomber ace. He's carpetbombed on five Persian rugs.
#carpetbomb #shit #poop #ace #bomb #explosion #soil
by Rusty De La Serna February 22, 2009
Severly overweight lesbian.
Damn, when those two carpet bombers play with a strap on, you can feel the ground quaking.
by Ragnov October 18, 2004
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