v. To answer a question using an enormous amount of barely related answers in the hope of somehow saying something that is close to correct.

named after the warfare technique where hundreds of thousands of pounds of high-explosives are dropped in the hope of killing a small, mobile group of enemies.
Tim- What's the capital of Kansas?
Bob- Ummm... Birmingham...Detroit...Vermont, New Port, Chicago, Pierre, Saskatchewan, Iowa, Phoenix, Malibu, Chad, Nepal, Chengdu, Dzerzhinsk, Holland, Denver, Fork Lift, Squirrel, Pikachu, Topeka...
Tim- There! That one! Way to carpet-bomb the hell outta that.
by halonistic February 23, 2012
When a person takes a shit on someone's carpet and does nothing to clean it up.
I broke into Henderson's house and dropped a carpetbomb on his Persian rug.
by Rusty De La Serna February 22, 2009
In the armed forces when a member of your own team approaches a battle buddy's fighting position, then proceeds to shit within 20 feet of that position. The blue falcon proceeds to exit your fighting position in search of a less offensive smelling location. Also known as code name Damico.
" Damico ran into Garvey and Brown's fighting position and left a carpet bomb on them. Luckily the bugs that were swarming them went for the source "
by Hooahterm5760 June 29, 2015
When having intercourse with a female, as you are about to ejaculate, pull out and splooge on her pubic hair.
"How was last night with Sophie?"
"Brah, I totally carpet bombed that hoe! My nut was all over that bush."
by TheTarkKnight March 10, 2015
When, in the process of pulling-out from vaginal intercourse, you get out just in time to blow your "bomb" all over the female's bush.
Rich - "Hey man, how'd it go last nite with that chick?"
Jim - "Dude, it was alright but I had a scare when I barely got out in time. I managed to Carpet Bomb her though."
Rich - "What a relief man, we don't need any Lil' Jimmys running around."
by suzlooky December 05, 2009
to *completly* blanket an area with bombs(cluster, HE, dasiy cutter, nuclear, MOAB) destroying most everything underneath them. carpet bombing was practiced in vietnam, WWII and SHOULD be practiced in iraq
100 b-52's could carpet bomb baghdad, and level the whole damn city
by bomber man 4.0 August 24, 2004
Dropping facts as you walk through a crowded area. Similar to crop dusting, but to a higher level, usually accompanied with sharts.
"Look at the people cringe while they are trying to finish their Christmas shopping. I wonder what's wrong."

"Oh, I carpet bombed that whole area. BTW, I need to find a garbage can for my underwear."
by fnfurious January 25, 2014
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