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Latin meaning to "seize the day", to be an opportunist and take control of your life.
John carpe diem by asking for a girls number.
by Michael Peyron April 19, 2007
Latin for "seize the day". Made famous by Dead Poets Society.
by Ms T February 23, 2003
Latin phrase literally meaning "Seize the Day." Has been overcome by idiots saying things such as swag, or yolo. Use this phrase to appear smarter than the common public.
Brandon: Hey, are you going to get the Playstation 4?

Colin: It's a possibility, but probably not...

Brandon: Hey, carpe diem, it could be too late when you want to get it later!

Colin: You're right, maybe I will get it!
by Garnet March 02, 2013
1 ) Latin phrase ('seize the day'), most commonly found as a tattoo on the arms or chests of men who, surprisingly, are least likely to take advantage of daylight hours. Rather, its proponents generally devote the majority of their time to disregarding the consequences of their night-time behaviour, and lifting up heavy objects in gymnasiums devoid of natural light.

Whether the choice of this phrase as a tattoo is an example of ironic self-awareness is unknown.

2) coll. Name given to one who has such a tattoo.
1) " Hey bro, got me this wicked new carpe diem tatt on my wrist!"

"Sweet as dude, does it represent your passion for climbing basalt monoliths in the desert?"

"Nah man, was off my face in Bali!"

2) "Whoa, Susan, check out that smokin' hot Carpe Diem over there!"

" Wowee, Beth! Bet he seizes days regularly!"
by hardcore protein store February 17, 2014
when YOLO is too mainstream.
man 1: Why are you doing that?!
man 2: 'Cause, carpe diem.
by TheComicalCarny March 10, 2014
Basically the classy version of YOLO.
Mark: I don't really want to go...

Aaron: C'mon man, carpe diem!
by Mightyguy6969 December 06, 2013
To go to the bathroom intending a quick whizz, but deciding mid stream to "sieze the day" and roll out a big steamy one.
"Dude, you've been gone for 15 minutes I thought you were taking a piss?"

"Carpe Diem"
by Gilgatronator November 30, 2011