Mexican slang for "bro" or "my brother" just as Blacks use it to refer to someone who they feel a kinship to but not necessarely family.
Hey CARNAL lets crash that quinceañera and see whats up.
by screwyloui October 23, 2006
Top Definition
Things related to the needs of the physical body rather than the spiritual body. 2. Of the flesh and physical world as in a desire for food, sexual gratification and material possessions.

Carnal is frequently used to describe sexual relations only e.g. carnal proclivities and carnal knowledge.
"Thirst is the greatest carnal desire, followed by hunger."
"A jury found him guilty of carnal knowledge with a minor."
by JoeMo January 22, 2006
Of the appetites and passions of the body
I need to freshen up my carnal knowledge
by merk January 09, 2004
brother, used in Mexico.
Oye Carnal como te va?
by Kevin Brian McFarlane December 09, 2003
christian that is non religious and not spiritual, verb for a Corinthian
He was a carnal person, so he stopped going to church on sundays.
by gern123 March 13, 2010
Spanish word that means brother. Sometimes friends are so close they call them selfs carnales (BROTHERS)" You're like a brother". But, carnales does not mean homies. You don't just call any one of your friends a carnal, just someone close to you. Someone you trust. Not all your homies are your carnales. Usually a younger brother would be called " CARNALITO" a sister sometimes called a "CARNALITA" or " CARNALA"
FRIEND EX: We've known each other since we were young, we're like carnales.
FAMILY WISE: This is my carnal. my brother.
by HOEZAY July 11, 2007
Word that expresses any male friend; homie, brother.
I was drinking some 40oz. with my carnal
by ARo April 20, 2006
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