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A person who cheats at cards. Abreviated from cardsharper. Not someone who is good at cards, but someone who cheats. (Probably derived from the act of cheating by secretly scratching or marking cards during play with a sharp, hidden instrument.)
Idiots say "card shark."
by Big Steve August 10, 2004
Check out card shark and replace the words shark with sharp. It's true, look it up
John: Damn, I just lost my money playing poker with that card sharp.
Steve: Don't you mean card SHARK.
John: no *punches* use google, dumbarse.
by kalekale December 13, 2005
A stage magician or illusionist who specializes in card tricks.
The master cardsharp was able to make the random card change color, value, and suite before the bewildered audience.
by wereooze September 22, 2007
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