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A collector or lover of cards.
"Wow, look at all of your cards"
"Yeah, I'm a Carder"
by Cardman July 04, 2013
4 4
term use for an individual who uses stolen online credit cards for fraudulent transactions online.
hey man! you got alot of gadgets. are you a carder?
by sang seok September 15, 2008
22 15
A sexy ass muthafucker who has a very fat large cock and often caught being YOLOing with his niggas. he'll kick your ass without moving, thats how buffed up and sexy he is. Sometimes his large dick drags against the ground causing massive earthquakes throughout southern Asia. It has been said that those who talk to him become enlightened forever and become geniuses, such as Einstein and their cocks become all powerful beings who rule the earth for a millennium.
"Dude, your the most awesome person i've ever met, who are you?"

"I'm Carder"
by imAFreakinPanda October 13, 2013
8 3