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the actual spelling of the device used to "clip" things together. not carribeaner. the device's use also goes back further than mountain climbing, as the word originated from the german word for "hook for a carbine", carbine being a firearm similar to a rifle.
hey bob, are you aware that most people are ignorant of, and most likely don't even care about, the proper spelling of "carabiner"?
by dmfarley October 30, 2007

1. n. The Mexican equivalent to a care bear.

2. v. The act of transporting illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States.
1. "Is your daughter watching a Spanish show?" "Yes, it's a fantastic new children's series called 'The Carabiners'".

2. I was short on cash last month, so I pulled off a carabiner.
by Jharp11 December 30, 2013
Auto-fellatio, the act of a male sucking or licking his own cock, from the overall shape of the body, like a locked carabiner.
It's a rare guy who can go full carabiner and get past the glans!
by pentozali March 05, 2011

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