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When you drink in the car on your way to the club.
Car barring is the way to go because you save money and your tipsy by the time you get to the club.
by jerryblank June 04, 2005
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When your at a social gathering that frowns on excessive drinking, and you stash hard liquor in your car to obtain the level of drunk you want without the patrons of the gathering watching you drink in excess.
Mike and tom hit up the car bar for a few shots of tequila.
by guyreed April 22, 2010
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Carbar - When your at a bar, cannt get a drink and take a group (4-6) depending on vehicle to car to take shots.

Music is on, after a half an hour you realize carbar is better then the actual bar. Better music, free drinks, and better people.
Me - "Hey ladies let me get you a drink at the best bar in town, its right around the corner"

Ladies - "Whats it called?"

Me - "Carbar, they have great shots"

Ladies - "We have never been there before, but sounds cool"

(Show up to car, unlock get in, turn good music on and drink for a few)

by Hookeduppublications June 09, 2010
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It's a natural phenomena involving an unplanned erection and a bumpy road. Usually occurs from the back seat of a moving vehicle with little or no suspension. Has actually been referenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival as a 'Travellin Bone' in one of their songs.
Slow down guys I'm about to get a Car-Bar.
by Smooth Micky B November 03, 2011
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