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When you are owned by Al Capone or owned in a mob style.
Man that accountant in The Untouchables just got caponed.
by Jake Plewa November 03, 2005
verb. Being Owned, but worse. Derived from the name Capone.
Dude, that guy just got totally caponed.
by dpleplpre August 13, 2006
Getting Totally F'd over in a Fantasy Football Trade.
"Did you see how hard Joe got Caponed this week? So hard if he ever goes to prison, he'll never find a boyfriend."
by King Colock October 12, 2011
Caponed - verb - To get away with, or avoid judgement for, an egregious violation of the law or morals, only to be punished for a lesser offense which serves as justice-by-proxy for the greater offense.
Paul Wolfowitz got away with starting the Iraq War, but is about to get fired from the World Bank for promoting his girlfriend. He got "Caponed".
by dave3172 April 13, 2007

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