Cap means to get shot by someone unexpectidly, usually someone in a gang
Clara wouldnt shut her face, so she got capped on the block.
by stinav September 23, 2005
cones, billies, sesh... the art of smoking marajuana.
<TuNeR^2^DaMaX> skats we doin anythin b4 the game? CAPS perhaps?
by hannah May 28, 2003
itz my nickname
"I'll bust a cap in your ass"
by caps June 02, 2003
a protective lid or cover for an object such as a bottle, the point of a pen, or a camera lens.
I totally fucking opened that soda bottle by twisting off the cap.
by CapoDeiCapi August 08, 2015
To bail on someone, ignore them on purpose, or not show up for an event you said you were going to attend.
"Yo dude, I can't come over today I'm sick..."
"Bruh, you're cap as fuck."
"Nigga I'm not capping I'm sick as a dog!"
"Capping ass mother fucker I don't fuck with you anymore bitch."
"You always think I'm capping on you man, the fuck?"
by Petrify February 02, 2015
shorthand for copy and paste
(in a text message)

person 1: thanks for the homework answers! i'll just cap them.
person 2: no prob, homie.
by alienbrellie December 04, 2014

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