A terribly overrated death metal band. They arent really that good, they just gained death metal some popularity because people had never had never heard a thing like it before and thought it was really really skull crushingly heavy. generic growls also.
if you want some good death metal with sick art and weird lyrics, go listen to cattle decapitation, at least they sound cool.
by Liberate te ex Inferis January 18, 2005
Death Metal band formed in the mid 80's. Also one of the first bands to be proclaimed as listened to by poseurs who thinks it's cool to look all ranges of music, yet don't listen to or appreciate the talent involved in the songs. See punk.
Cannibal Corpse is a sellout band
by larstait October 11, 2003
Fucking stupid death metal band with song names such as "Meathook Sodomy", "Fucked With A Knife", and "I Cum Blood". Stupid prepubescent subject matter. And to make matters worse, their lead singer can't sing worth shit (if you can even call that singing, you can't even tell what the fuck he's saying).
Listen to some Cannibal Corpse? Nah, I'd rather stick this steel rod up my ass. Seems like it'd be less painful.
by TallicaD00d January 14, 2005
See goddamn fucking sick and perverted and disgusting.

Fuck Cannibal Corpse. They are not a band. They are a collection of hellish demons who are wasting their time on planet Earth by trying to make people throw up with their sick-ass shit lyrics, and will eventually all be returned to the pits of hell from whence they came.

Thank you, and goodnight.
by The retarded fucking dog. May 01, 2005
To all you cannibal-corpse loving mutants out there...

An easy way to end your pathetic lives would be a simple shot to the head, maybe then, cannibal-corpse members and fans will have intercourse with your derranged dead body, it would be the ultimate ending for your sad lives and would make the world a better place without you in it. It would also stop me from having to hunt you down and kill you myself.

It would be good if someone dropped a bomb on a cannibal-corpse concert, that way, the band and their sick strange followers shall perish in the world that they hate. Go fuck a knife,

love from Mr Buns
Clever person - lets bomb a cannibal corpse show?
Other person - wouldn't that make us a terrorist?
Clever person - a terrorist is better then a cannibal corpse lover.
by Mr Buns August 19, 2006
Terrible. Lead singer cannot sing, subject matter of songs is immature and gross, only teenage mall goths would listen to this utter shit. Guitar is pretty decent but thats all the band has going for them. Death metal sucks.
Yes, I said it... death metal fucking blows, you faggots.
by Goldy McGoldstein March 30, 2005
led by zero-talent frontman george 'corpsegrinder' fisher, who growls indecipherable tidbits of ignorance to the mindless audience. fisher is one of the pioneers of the 'windmill' style of head-banging. he took it from pete townshend of the who's windmill style of guitar strumming. the talent went down 'exponentially' when fisher did his headbanging. each time he moves his head up and down in that infamous quick fashion, it kills six of his worthless w.o.w. brain cells. he started iut with 167. he know has -2345676543. yes, that is negative. cannibal corpse also features pat o'brien and rob barret on guitar (that god-awful low-pitched rumble), alex webster on bass (dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun!), and paul mazurkiewicz on drums (double bass drumming only). they are members of the record label 'metal blade', which is a long-time stronghold for shitty "death-metal" bands.
alex needs to learn how to use the word "exponentially", and all of it's roots and outcroppings. cannibal corpse sucks, but they are funny to watch live, especially when you are stoned (which alex must also learn how to do/get). and boy, that corpsegrinder sure is funny when he goes on his ultra-ignorant rants regarding world of warcraft and growling (the proper way to growl and yell is 'from the diaphragm").
by liberalwizardtyler June 16, 2008
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