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One of the dopest groups in rap music ever. The group's consisted of Havoc and Prodigy. "Shook Ones" is one of the greatest songs ever. They are hated by a legion of Pac fans who probably never heard more than two songs from them but hate anyways. I don't care if you think Tupac is better than Mobb Deep but just don't be an idiot who doesn't know anything about the group.
The Infamous is a classic
by hasafienda December 25, 2004
State where I was born, live in, and mostly likely will die in. The best state in the United States. It is a cold place in the winter months but never gets too hot and it is not as heavily taxed as most states these days, it is 34th out of 50 making the Taxachusetts insult obsolete now. It has more culture than the rest of New England, great universities, and an exstensive amount of history.
Massachusetts was the sixth state to join the Union.
by hasafienda January 18, 2005
A dope rap group from Philly. Members now are Vinnie Paz and Stoupe since Jus Allah Left.
Even though I am a Christian and Vinnie Paz can be very anti-Christian at times I still find him dope.
by hasafienda January 08, 2005
Erotic pictures, videos, literature, etc. It is the greatest thing on God's earth givin to man. Some people try to say they never watch it or only lonley guys without girlfriends watch it but they are all lying. Every normal man, straight or gay, watches it at least once in a while. No one is to busy fucking all the time to watch porn. There is those who watch an excessive amount though and they often are strange creeps prone to child molestatin.
I like to watch all types of porn.
by hasafienda January 08, 2005
A supermarket in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts. It was started by the Demoulas family somewhere in the Lowell area and is also called Demoulas sometimes, even though only one in Salem, New Hampshire is actualy has a Demoulas sign.
I am there about twice a week.
by hasafienda January 18, 2005
A rap group that consists of Ant and Slug. Slug is the emcee of the group. The group is known for having among the largest female followings in hip-hop.
Though many are big fans of Atmosphere I really don't care that much for their music. Slug is talented but I have always been a bigger supporter of the hardcore and political rap scenes.
by hasafienda January 08, 2005
A douchebag that thinks his opinion matters only and venerates sports players. Often have IQ's under eighty, but pass because of their ability at sports. Not real athelets. Mostly football players. Basketball players sometimes, but usually basketball players are better people, actual athletes. Contray to what some write does not have to listen to rap but may listen to any type of music, but the thing is they have to know one song really well that they sing ad nauseum.
I know a jock that likes to sing the "I wanna rock/ I want to Rock/ Rock" part of Twisted Sister's "I want to rock" excessivly for no real reason.
by hasafienda December 29, 2005

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