A great death metal band. They are characterized by their brutal and gut-wrenching lyrics, so most people miss out on what really makes the band so great.
Some people say Cannibal Corpse has sold out because 12-year olds listen to it. Hey, if they can handle the music, who gives a shit?
by animatorStrike March 16, 2005
the best band in the entire world.
the singer being George "corpsegrinder" Fisher, what a fucking hero, yes he is my hero
they are also the best at headbanging.

did you know they are in ace ventura pet detective?

also they are Jim Careys favorite band
some random lyrics: devoured by vermin!!!!
by pain tutor February 22, 2004
An okay death metal band that used to be alright until George Fisher chose being a dork and dooming himself to virginity forever over songwriting.
George Fisher used to be a good vocalist for Cannibal Corpse, now he's just a nerd
by Xtreme2252 March 09, 2009
One of the most brutal and successful death metal bands out there right now. They are widely known for their infamous grossed-out lyrics and extremely explicit album art- "extremely" can barely cover the nastyness of the artwork.
Their guitar chords have deceisively complexity and nice patterns here and there. Be glad that George Fisher's voice is usually incoherate, for the lyrics can paint some nasty imagery in your mind that can even make a full-blown maniac (like me ;P) shudder big time.
If Cannibal Corpse made videos off of their songs... then those videos will be the best ever made in history.
The most famous death metal band, like the music version of a horror movie. Made famous by they're tales about gore, zombies, and having sex with dead bodies.

Their bassists, Alex Webster, is amazing.
Damn! that bassists for Cannibal Corpse had a great solo on Fucked with a Knife.
by Metal6head January 04, 2008
A brutal over-the-top death metal band.
The gods of speed, for any instrument.
"Dragonforce can play so fast!"
"Not nearly as fast as cannibal corpse, you stupid bitch"
by CAnnibalcorpseq October 29, 2009
A really weird name for a zombie.
Human zombies eat human brains = cannibal

Zombies are animated corpses = corpse

Cannibal corpse
by Kenthar October 12, 2003

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