amazing, awsome, plump, cool, overflowing with greatness
"Fuck, Greg, did you see that gymnast? That shit was cank!!!!!!!"

"Hell yeah it's my birthday, Roger...just look at that cake, it's fucking cank."
by benbenbenbenben August 16, 2008
1.a derogatory term used to descrie someone as awkwardly fat b
2. the singular form of "Cankles"
3.a way of saying someone is a cankle-bearing skank (fat whore)
Cameron "Dude that new girl is a big cank"
Zach " aw man she aint that bad she someone cute"
Cameron " Are you kidding me look at those tree trunks i mean her left side is showing her big Cank"
by Ivins Mafia March 25, 2010
crying whilst having a wank

(a pity wank)
"boo boo hoo I am really sad the only thing that will cure my misery is a nice cank"
by gay vicar December 15, 2007
female ejaculate, both a noun and a verb.
His expert cunnilingus skills made that chick squirt cank all over his face.

She canked all over his face.
by Rion Fish July 28, 2008
Cake that is dank, or more properly delicious as hell.
Guy 1: ah man this cake is so good!

Guy 2: no, this is straight up cank!
by jphouseholder87 February 10, 2009
A derogatory term for a Canadian.
Somebody who likes hockey a lot and smokes up too much.

This term was created by Johnetta P.
I hate those maple tree huggin Canks.
All those canks are takin our jobs.
by J. Netta October 06, 2005
a penis
eat my cank
by Branden AaseN June 29, 2003

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