a line of cocaine and the football shaped Xanax. All the fun, none of the fear.
Candy canes are used by those who have a sense of balance. (you know what that means)
by Johnnymad October 08, 2007
a white mans cock witha red condom
anthony loves candy canes
by homi dave June 04, 2004
Another slang term for a gay person.
Other similar terms: fruitcake, poptart, gumdrop, homo, and so on..
by hereandthere May 17, 2003
a prop used to dance sexully at a skool dance
Dannii used a candy cane to get her freak on.
by Say & Day December 13, 2003
The act of a male receiving oral sex and his testicles continually slapping against the chin of the giving party.

Is comparable to a candy cane in that, when you eat a candy cane the little "hook" at the end gets closer and eventually hits your chin.
Dude, I was fucking Jenna's mouth and I was totally giving her a candy cane!
by Nerd Junior February 07, 2006
A severely curved penis that resembles a traditional candy cane.
Last time I hooked up with Tom he meat-hooked me with his candy cane!
by astrobia00 January 23, 2007
When your getting head from a girl, and you cum on her face. Then you punch her in the face, making her nose bleed......Candy Cane
Yo did that one girl come over last night??

Yeah dude, I gave that bitch a nice Candy Cane
by yupyupdj517 March 14, 2010

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