3 definitions by couldbeacrackhead

a racial slur used to describe someone of Indian descent
All the damn ginks are making this place smell like fucking curry.
by couldbeacrackhead April 16, 2009
A black man who finds himself attracted mainly to chinks. occcasionally attracted to ginks and black women who study often. A dirty dowell is also generally very tall.
You had better stay away from those asian girls nigga or your gonna go dirty dowell on our ass.
by couldbeacrackhead April 17, 2009
having sex with a girl whilst she is on her period, then pulling out and then getting head so the blood and cum swirl together to make a "candy cane"
(n)-a candy cane-the dick afterwards
(v)-to candy cane-performing the candy cane
that wench was crazy enough to let me make the candy cane
by couldbeacrackhead April 17, 2009

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