raise hell
dont make me open this can of worms on your ass now, hear?
by vanessa February 15, 2004
an expression used explaining a certain situation or a bunch or things at once.
Police: Are you sure you saw him steal it?
Clerk: Yeah, he shoved cigarettes, a bottle, and a few condoms in his big jeans and that the whole can of worms.
by phiz February 13, 2004
a can. of worms.
when the people at the worm factory put worms in a can. for you to buy.
i accidentally bought a can of worms at the grocery store.. oops. :o.
by hawtpants February 04, 2005
Intended to be the logical follow-up to the popular can of fish (tuna, salmon, etc.), it has the distinction of being the worst new food invention of the 20th century.
"Tuna ... Salmon ... See there it is! I told you they still had a couple of cans of worms on the shelf!!"
"Damn, why is it so dusty and rusted?"
by Larry Sanders February 04, 2005
The Highlands of New Guinea's equivilant to a big mac.
(said in pidgeon english): "I was starving so I had a can of worms."
by uncleboonie February 15, 2004
A can with worms in it...
"Oh look, theres a can with worms in it!"
by Paolo February 12, 2004
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