a source of many unpredictable and complicated problems
fairfax high school is nothing but a can of worms
by irishrepublicanarmy January 02, 2004
A thing best not opened. See Pandora's Box.
Damn! He just opened a can of worms.
by Zilduar February 14, 2004
The phenomonon that when you do something that something starts even worse things.
I invent a time machine. Turn it on, people start to come through it and kill us, then more people come and more things happen.
by David B. February 12, 2004
1) A can containing worms. Fishermen find this yucky and sticky.

2) A yucky situation better left alone.
Maybe you shouln't talk to Maria about that. You're about to open a can of worms.
by nemo February 17, 2004
A detailed, complicated, and sometimes unpleasant subject or event, usually meant in the sense that it is irrelevant to the matter at hand or that it occurs after the conclusion of an account; a story in and of itself; a different story
"So yeah, I finally got back at my boss by burning down his house."
"Wow! Did you get caught?"
"Well, that's a whole 'nother can of worms I don't care to get into right now."
by Illitariat February 12, 2004
In a literal sense a can of worms is a can filled with worms that are either real or more commonly compressed worm-shaped pieces of paper that are made so as to jump out when the can is opened (as a prank).

The phrase is used as "The Can of Worms" as a local name for the intersection of Interstates 590 and 490 on the east side of Rochester, New York.

As a saying it is generally used to explain a significant complication (for better or worse) of a situation or topic by referring to it, this situation or topic may be a subset of a topic or subject that preceded it. This saying is sometimes used following phrases such as: "open up another", "a whole other", "nothing but a" or similiar
Saying Example 1. Well car mechanics is one thing, but truck mechanics is a whole other can of worms
Saying Example 2. I don't want to start another course at university because thats going to open up another can of worms
Saying Example 3. The shortcut seemed easy enough on the map, but when we went through it was nothing but a can of worms
by XenoX101 October 18, 2007
raise hell
dont make me open this can of worms on your ass now, hear?
by vanessa February 15, 2004
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