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I like you so much that I'm comparing you to a piece of delicious food which I would like to eat. Usually used in reference to sex.
Hey showty, can I get a piece of that fine ass?
by Trixie April 29, 2004

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A term often used in the courting of a female by a male. This courting is not for love or for a relationship, but for sex. The word "piece" referrs to the phrase "piece of ass" which refers to intercourse.
Hey, you in the booty shorts and the no shirt! Can I get a piece??
by Tim Anderson April 23, 2004
slang for "can i fuck you please?"
damn shes hot, i wonder if i can get a piece?
by p c April 26, 2004
A pickup line, commonly used by members of the male gender, suggesting the desire to have sex with the person being asked.

"A piece" is a shortened form of "A piece of ass"
Baby, you lookin' fine. Can I get a piece?
by Kris April 21, 2004
This term is often directed towards women to ask for sexual stimulation.
"Hey girl can I get a piece of that ass?"
by Kamikaze April 25, 2004
1. A sexual inquisition.
2. Also a request for props typically immediately following a success of some sort.
Can I get a piece of that ass?
by Giganerd April 24, 2004
Question phrase requesting either an item, or a portion of an item. May also have sexual connotations.
1)"Yo man, can I get a piece a that donut?"
2)"Goddamn, can I get a piece of THAT."
by Irick April 26, 2004