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What our President has caused us to do.
My fellow Americans, bend over, as we are literately screwed.
by Flappy February 06, 2005
A douchebag that can fly.
That is a flying douchebag.
by Flappy February 06, 2005
One who slaps over people's butts.
He is a butt slapper.
by Flappy January 18, 2005
An extremely outrageous example of a camel toe.
While I was licking her carpet, she slapped me with her donkey ears.
by Flappy October 09, 2003
To hunger for ass. Used to describe a male homosexual's cravings for consensual anal spelunking.
Bobby, are you sure you want to wear that sleeveless mesh t-shirt out to the club? You look a little ass-hungry in it.
by Flappy October 10, 2003
A German interjection used to express amazement. First used around 1945, a year before the end of World War II.
Schwinka! That is one sweet TV you have!
by Flappy July 05, 2005
a monkey that hates the word cheese and freaks out and attacks the rules of hooray!!!
draffler kill monkeys
by flappy August 06, 2003
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