An accentuated vagina in tight ass undies or pants.
She had a camel toe because her volleyball shorts were so tight.
by AEstud45 July 21, 2005
A fashion in which a girl wears her clothes so tight around her genitalia that her pussy becomes visible.
The camel toe fad was popular in '03 but in the past two years it has since died out.
by GuidoPosse69 January 31, 2005
A full frontal wedgie on a woman.
Fix yourself girl, you got a camel toe.
by Kyle Icenhower May 24, 2006
The hoof of a camel.
My camel's toe became wet after he put it in the oasis.
by Solinox May 20, 2004
When a womens clothes are to tight and you can acutally see the pussy crater.
Damn!!! I can see your camel toe
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
a tasty treat that you can eat
camel toe: sweet dessert
by katiebm July 06, 2006
when a girl wheres a thong that is to tight and u can see the outlines of the vagina,its kinda like a wedgie and looks like a hard taco in her pants ( its great cause girls usually dont know if they have a camel toe and if you look down at it she wont think ur a pervert cause ur not looking at her boobs).
i looked at her pants and saw the two lumps, she didnt care cause i was looking down and not up at her boobs.she didnt know she had a camel toe.
by Flynard August 19, 2008

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