a cameltoe occurs when a woman’s clothing slides up and into the lips of her vagina.
"Yo she's got a cameltoe, look at her panties ridin' up her pussy!
by fattyjohnny January 06, 2007
When a woman's clothing clings so tightly to her crotch that a viewer can make out the cleft between the labia, she is showing camel toe. So named for the similarity to the actual toe of a camel.

Sometimes applied to viewability of a man's cock through his clothes, but this is awkward.

Also misspelled as camal toe
The spandex shorts, without panties, were perfect to expose Jane's camel toe.
by Eli the Bearded December 09, 2003
When a girls vagina gets so hungry, it eats her pants!
"Her vagina must have been really hungry; look at that camel toe."
by JustNick April 14, 2005
Appears when a woman's labias are protruding, and thus can be seen even when she has clothes on.
"She had a camel toe.....I thought about how badly I wanted to rub her pussy, but I had to keep calm."
by Dave July 09, 2004
A condition brought on by the wearing of pants so tight that the genitals concealed beneath them bulge slightly, causing a cleft at the center seam in the crotch, thus resembling the foot of a camel. Most frequent for females but not impossible for males.
Damn! Clarice has got a wicked camel toe goin' today!
by Hey-Johnny-Johnny May 29, 2006
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