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when a girls vagina is able to be seen through her pants
I can see your cameltoe, of you know what I mean
by Jamal Booker May 08, 2008
1. when the labio majora has its back to the wall created by pants that are too tight. 2. imagine a burger from the #2 value meal at mcdonalds, now imagine stickin that half way into a womans vagina, now put some tight ass pants on this woman and you have the looks of a camel toe. a pussyfoot aka. deerfoot 3. beef curtains
1. when i pulled down the pants i asked for super size fries with that burger long and behold it was a camel toe. 2. that ladies cameltoe looks like a pork bun.
by adammerf May 17, 2004
Whe you can see a girls pussy through her pants?
Her camel toe is hott!
by Jordan February 08, 2005
The protruding mound of a females genetalia.
"Jesus, her pants are so tight i can read her lips"
by Nick Robinson March 30, 2005
1. Being able to see the follds of a vulva inside a tight pair of pants on a woman.
2. An EXTREAMELY loose pussy.
Either we didnt have enough stools at the bar, or Suzy has the biggest camel toe ive ever seen!
by Not so super DJ Gennady January 30, 2003
when your crotch protrudes
Taylor, did you notice your Cameltoe today?
by mybulge February 19, 2009
when a woman pulls her pants up too far and the hem goes up her vagina and makes everyone in the general area wnat to slit their wrists because it is disgusting
One day, my math teacher Mrs. Morlock walked into class and she had the biggest camel toe ive ever seen!
by lightpost July 19, 2006