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Another term for the all-powerful Bailey's Irish Cream. Best drink EVER!
Girl 1: So, what'd you do after I left the party last night?
Girl 2: Drank waaay too much Irish Cream, and ended up doing some random guy in a bathroom.
#irish cream #irish #baileys #drink #awesome
by CarolynxRiot July 01, 2009
Some of the purest shit you will ever smoke. This is the craziest dank around. HQ shit
I smoked some irish cream with my bros, it was chill.
#weed #dank #black people #koosh #blunt
by burnafterlit October 24, 2010
Irish cream, aka: semen, sperm, cum, man milk, slut syrup, baby gravy, jizz etc etc.

Another way of saying cum.
"Holy shit man I feel a bit off, think I swilled too much irish cream last night at the gay bar."
by Liqu!d July 05, 2004
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