An image of a camel's hoof caused by pants which fit so tightly as to expose the labia major through the fabric. While this is a fairly commonly known phenomenon, what most men do NOT know is that a Camel Toe can produce a tiny orgasm when I a woman attempts to walk whilst wearing such tight pants.
"I bought this really tight pair of jeans the other day and when I was walking to the bus, the Camel Toe gave me a cute little orgasm!"
by Urban Dictionary January 10, 2004
The covering of clothing over a woman's vagina that says rub here to open. There are two sides to every camel toe and they both need attention to unlock the door.
dude #1: Her camel toe is inviting me to touch it.
dude#2: Yep, it's freakin awesome, I think I got wood!
Dude #1: I'll jerk off to her later....
by A big D August 10, 2008
A fashion in which a girl wears her clothes so tight around her genitalia that her pussy becomes visible.
The camel toe fad was popular in '03 but in the past two years it has since died out.
by GuidoPosse69 January 31, 2005
When a womens clothes are to tight and you can acutally see the pussy crater.
Damn!!! I can see your camel toe
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
A full frontal wedgie on a woman.
Fix yourself girl, you got a camel toe.
by Kyle Icenhower May 24, 2006
The hoof of a camel.
My camel's toe became wet after he put it in the oasis.
by Solinox May 20, 2004
We all know that the camel toe is the crease in a womans pants that displays the crease in her vagina, as seen in the pics this can also happen to a man.

Here is your very own CAMEL TOE home game.
Step 1- Grab your pants by the waist band.
Step 2- Now try to pull them up to your shoulders.
Step 3- Share your brand new camel toe with your friends and family.
by Bait for Sin September 20, 2006
a tasty treat that you can eat
camel toe: sweet dessert
by katiebm July 06, 2006

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