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An image of a camel's hoof caused by pants which fit so tightly as to expose the labia major through the fabric. While this is a fairly commonly known phenomenon, what most men do NOT know is that a Camel Toe can produce a tiny orgasm when I a woman attempts to walk whilst wearing such tight pants.
"I bought this really tight pair of jeans the other day and when I was walking to the bus, the Camel Toe gave me a cute little orgasm!"
by Urban Dictionary January 10, 2004
319 155
When you can see the shape a woman's pussy lips through her pants - in other words, a beautiful sight.
Looking at camel toes makes my dick hard.
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
2902 1500
An entertaining (and sometimes disgusting) wedge in the woman's kooch. Also referred to as the "Ninja Foot."
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
1204 654
The reson guys watch girls volleyball.LOL
Damn she got a bigg ass camel toe
by Big Jim D November 07, 2003
1112 634
crotch cleavage, esp. on a woman. The outer lips of female genitalia visible through tight clothing.
Did you see that girl in spandex? She had serious camel-toe going on.
by Bungalow Bill April 02, 2002
588 124
a poon crease

damn bitch i can see that wet camel toe from a mile away
by ziggy September 25, 2003
1224 776
the front part of a girl's vagina as seen with a speedo on, or bathing suit, or something worn tightly around that area, that seems like a CAMEL's toe.
"oh, becky, look at her cameltoe, it is OUT THERE, yucck."
by ACD07 September 17, 2005
802 391
when the front part of a girl's clothing wedges in her pussy
"Dude! She's got a cameltoe, you can totally see her pussy!"
by Dr. Know-it-all August 27, 2006
703 305