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1. when the labio majora has its back to the wall created by pants that are too tight. 2. imagine a burger from the #2 value meal at mcdonalds, now imagine stickin that half way into a womans vagina, now put some tight ass pants on this woman and you have the looks of a camel toe. a pussyfoot aka. deerfoot 3. beef curtains
1. when i pulled down the pants i asked for super size fries with that burger long and behold it was a camel toe. 2. that ladies cameltoe looks like a pork bun.
by adammerf May 17, 2004
places of prayer. buds of brown decent with smell of jamaican weed.
im goin to church on sunday. im smokin that ill asss churches brown shit fucks me up.
by adammerf May 17, 2004
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