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7 definitions by Hehehe

when a womans pants are so tight or rolled up that you can see the shape of her pussy which looks like an actual camels toe
Whoa! her camel toe is eating her pants!
by Hehehe May 27, 2003
286 106
The one nD only unique person in diZ woRld! She is loved by manyY!! also known as ShEeTLyyy!!!!
I love shital more than anything in this world!
by hehehe February 22, 2005
19 11
Also known as campilla - a camp for small kids.
Campilla who is a camp for little kids, well her camp is made from kids who are products from her constant torque rampage. She likes to torque up her bfs who like to BS in DA LOO to POO. She likes to enwrap them in her gaussian surface.
by hehehe April 11, 2005
1 0
Mock; to mock; the act of mocking; not merely as imitation...just mockery. Mimic means mock. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise and then looks up mimic in the dictionary and finds that the word "mock" is in the second definition of the word, then they have a bad dictionary. The one and only definition of mimic is "to mock" so sayeth the urban dictionary.
To mimic someone is the same thing as mocking them.
by Hehehe December 07, 2004
2 6
The chunks of feces left in and around an asscrack after a perticularly violent anal eruption.
Unknown to Matthew, his ass was covered with crackspackle after he let that last fart.
by HeHeHe August 09, 2004
2 8
Its national weed smokein day ...actually u can smoke anything 4:20 = April 20th -(once a year) or if u a huge pothead u can smoke every day at 4:20
Its 4:20 happy smokein day !
by hehehe July 15, 2003
15 39
To majorly destroy and demolish joy. Telling others what to do.
Stop being such a fuckn kumar.
by hehehe February 19, 2005
53 133