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A camel walk is a hazing ritual for sororities that is equivalent to the elephant walk. It is done by stripping down a group of female pledges, forming a circle, and having each girl insert one hand into the vagina of the girl in front of her. The girls then walk around in a circle.
Doyle: Dude, me and tommy broke into a sorority last night and totally caught them camel walking!
Gregg: What the Fuck?!?! Why didn't you guys call me? Did you at least take pictures?
by USS Doyle November 24, 2008
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An awkward looking way to walk that conserves energy. The feet do not lift very high off the ground, the soles land flat and then lift with minimal use of the calf muscles. The pace is purposefully slow and constant. Rest periods are short and infrequent.
They were able to hike all day doing the camel walk.
by buttedude July 12, 2016
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