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often used for hazing where a group of guys form a straight line and grab the erect cock of the guy in back of them with one hand and put their thumb in the sphincter of the guy in front of them then they then walk a in a circle.
"Good god! I can never tell anyone about the date rapes in this fraternity or they will tell everyone that I participated in an elephant walk during hazing. My butt still hurts (weeping)."
by 55low June 10, 2004
A group dance, generally used as a hazing activity. Put one thumb in your mouth and the other in the asshole of the person in front of you. Everybody does this so that it forms a loop. You proceed to dance around in a circle. Should anyone's thumb become dislodged from the ass of the person in front of them, they must switch thumbs.
I heard AEPi makes their pledges do the elephant walk.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
when douchebag frat guys are hazing each other,in this ritual much like elephanst in a row the men take their pants off and insert one thumb in the males ass in front of them and insert their other thumb in their mouth. Than they proceed to walk as circus elephants in a row,when the first douchebag's thumb to fall out of the first one's asshole,they must replace it with the thumb that was once in their mouth and replace it with the soiled thumb
Man we were hazing the fresh-meat at the house last night and three of them got sick from the elephant walk we made them pull!
by killa-B52423 February 11, 2010
a dance often used for hazing where a group of guys form a strait line and grab the erect cock of the guy in front of them. they then walk a in a circle.
i'm glad my frat doesnt make pledges elephant walk
by luis April 16, 2003
but one arm on the person's shoulder in front of you, then with the other arm reach behind you and grap the dick dick of the guys back there. walk in a single file line like elephants
yea i saw him and his gay firends elephant walking around campus
by scott April 16, 2003
When a man walks while urinating, typically with a wide stance and no hands, and urine sprays everywhere... like the trunk of an elephant that is full of water.
Billy got drunk and elephant walked from the bedroom to the front door!
by Joe & Angie 2 April 09, 2010
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