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A pizza turnover, very good.
Sbarros makes good calzones, I can't stand the spinach and cheese ones.

I do like the sausage or pepper and cheese calzones.
by Saints September 23, 2003
A tidy, well-presented vagina. Often found hairless, or with neatly-trimmed hair. The lips are firmly shut revealing little of the inner vaginal tissue.

See opposite: Doner kebab
Colin removed her pants and was delighted to discover that beneath her underwear lay a calzone.
by calzonesearcher69 November 14, 2010
the defenition of lurk; lurk master.
damn you got calzoned.
by LoLuMaD August 29, 2007
calzones (kahl-sown-ehs) Underwear, Also chones (choe-nehs) or (chonees)
" Just a minute, keep your chones on."
by J5 February 27, 2003
Racial slur for Italians dating back to the 1800s, also a food.
Domenic is a stupid calzone.

Domenic is eating a calzone.
by Fergdogaaa June 06, 2010
An idiot who is unaware of how stupid they are, can also be used with the term mook or Jabroni.
You utter calzone. You are acting like a total calzone.
by Mookzilla August 22, 2014
When a guy ejaculates into a girl's vagina, then she crawls on top of him and squeezes the man-goo out onto his chest, not unlike squeezing a cheese calzone.
That bitch got so mad when I came in her that she calzoned me.
by D-Lav November 13, 2007
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