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The name of someone who is THE fuckin boss. Do not fuck with this kid or you will get a cockprint on your face bigger than a truck.
Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this character. Those who bear this name are blessed by all the Gods and by life itself. Every fibre of their being resonates with immense power and unimaginable strength.

Belonging to God.
There is no way to describe Domenic. you must see him for yourself
by Hey whats up March 29, 2010
Belonging to God.

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Lord

Origin: English
Meaning: Lord

St Dominic was the founder of the Dominican religious order. Santo Domingo (St Dominic) is the capital of the Dominican Republic.
Did you see that Italian Stallion over there??
Yeah, that's Domenic, he's pretty cute.
by somegirl. April 07, 2009
Doménic is a german name. Normaly the accent above the "e" does not exist. The "é" is a sign for his sexual orientation. He pretends to be hetero but mostly his behaviour is really gay. A Doménic would never out himself as homosexual.

Moreover Doménic basically has a enormous dick. Everybody wants to see it but only friends with the name "Janik" can.
As I saw Doménic, i immediately turned gay.
by Buhya April 17, 2015
I man succeeding in nothing of importance. Usually lacks all but one brain cell that is severely damaged from years of drug abuse. Domenic is not the name of a god or the "man" but simply of a person with with skills equivalent to that of handicapped people.
ayy yo this is DOMenic"
by GODS GIFT TO you December 06, 2010
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