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Death of a baby boomer is imminent. Heirs should start jockeying for better position in the will.

As in "Come Mr. Tallyman tally me Bananas."
Doctor: "I'm sorry, Mrs. Sixty, it's time to Calypso Mr. Sixty's estate."
by Going Like Sixty August 30, 2008
A very smelly person, usually associated with an STD, such as crabs, the clap, or perhaps the ninja. As seen in The Pirates of the Carribean- At Worlds End. Can be found in China or Mexico and usually has many prostitution clients. Many can be found crusing the town in their Ford Escapes of Chevy Tahoes. Beware, they dont bathe often.
"Did you see that Calypso?"
-Mail Man
"Why yes i did, But i dont want to mess with that"
by MNaaLaw May 31, 2007