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adjective: fatty, filled with calories, fat-laden.
guy: Let's go to Ippudo's for some ramen!

gal: Worst idea ever! Ramen is way calorific...
by fattyramen27 April 13, 2013
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High in calories, But tasty. See also - Carbolicious
"That Icecream is so Calorific!"
by The Mexican's Friend December 08, 2006
6 5
Sjgrhlsriknostrilgfherkgfkj (proper); compliment reguarding one's eatability of Twinkies. This also includes trees made entirely out of sugar wheat. Dr. Pepper is the best doctor ever. Will you be my friend? Yes. Foot. Gilbert is a funny name. The letter j.
Good evening, you look rather calorific today.
Giant ice cream cone made of chalk.
blue word
by Jack the Ripper and friends. August 12, 2008
2 4
Radical, cool. Often used by surfers.
Woah! Calorific man!
by Chris March 26, 2003
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