A State thats pretty much like every other state, yet for some reason people pick on it more than any other state in the union. Talk about a jealous bunch
California fucking rocks. But so does every other state. Now shut the fuck up and go to work.
by Cow July 05, 2003
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California was one of the best place in America, if not the world, still is. Ever since Grey Davis was in, he had approved abundant of funding that were what lead us to here today. We got used to the huge amount of funding from the state, and hereafter we do not wish to lose them. With the enormous amount of debts that California is finally in, we still would not like to have some of the funding to be cut and taxes not to be raised.

Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot be judged for not doing anything. He had no choice but to cut funding to make up the small proportions of the debts that we owe. Most of the Californians do not wish to have the taxes increase and eliminate some of the funding; the people in the Sacramento will not be able to do anything.

California once again become proper and free of debt. Good luck to the troops in oversea. George W. Bush needs to start thinking of a way to help United States than sending our beloved troops out to save other lives. God blesses America and the World.
Steven: There is still hope for California.
Keith: I love California, the beaches, etc.
Arnold: We are in serious trouble...no raising taxes, no cutting funding. What the hell am I suppose to do?
Davis: Keep passing the bills!
G Bush: Next up on, Canada. Oh wait...shhh....
by Ahkihiro January 01, 2006
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An overrated, Over-glorified state within the U.S that worships deadbeat actors like gods, is overly smug about how their state sucks so much- Smug to the point of being a high and mighty prick. Narcotics are readily available despite having the most entertaining things, gadgets, and beaches. The most shallow things are held in high regard in California.
No California, just no, you made the world 30% more stupid with Hollywood.
by Hello Govna! March 05, 2008
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Thank you, to all of you that can see through the sham that is California.

California does suck. I live here, so I can say it. The weather is horrible (Contrary to many beliefs). Its either 120 degrees out, below freezing, raining 5 inches a day, or muggy. Where I live, we get 70 inches of rain a year. And they say it rains to much in Seattle? (Ahem, 30 inches a year)

Most of the people here will give you the finger rather than help you, most of them drive like bats of hell, and if you dare look at them, don’t expect anything of a cold stair. We recalled a Governor, citing he was doing a bad job, then replace him with a Nazi who can speak and is making things worst!

We have horrible traffic, smog everywhere, lots of retarded surf bums, money mongering asses, and many people travel here in the summer, and piss and moan on how it wasn’t what they though. Well duh! A state with 34 million people crammed into it can only be disastrous.

And when I say that California sucks, I get glares, and boos, but I don’t give a fuck. Fuck them all, what do they know? If they cant see what a fucked up place we live in, they can let the San Andreas Fault open up and suck them in.

And speaking of earthquakes, we get hit all the time. It is so annoying, 4.8 here, a 5.5 there, then, bam! the big one 9.8, well, as soon as I turn 18, I am not sticking around to see it. I will be safely in Washington State, laughing and celebrating at the sight of California sinking into the pacific.

Fuck California And All It Stands For. And In 4 Years, While The Californians Will Be Getting Lung Cancer From Smog, Killed By Earthquakes, Or Criminals, I Will Be Out Of California, So Fuck You All.
Fuck California, Fuck Most The People Here, Fuck The Governor, Fuck Los Angeles, Fuck It All, It All Sucks, And If YOU Cant See It, Or Disagree With Me, Fuck You Too, Cause You Are A Fucking Moron.

Fuck It All, Fuck It All, Fuck It All.
by Jon March 14, 2005
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I live in California. I don't surf, I hate rap music, I went to LA once, and it sucked, Hollywood is overrated, the weather is NOT perfect, I only went to the beach once in my life and I hated it, YES, the governor sucks, no, not all the people are "hot" (thats total bullshit. People always say the people are ALL hot whenever they write a definition about their state.), the schools were good until Arnold(governor) went and took all the money; there are hicks here, there are PLENTY of stupid people, but an equal amount of intelligent people as well, I have lived here all my life, and have only felt two earthquakes, and California isn't going to sink into the ocean anytime soon. However, if you look past all this, California really isn't all that bad of a place to live. It just takes the most shit from other states.
Just a state with lots of people and a dumb governor.
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The overall attitude is haughtiness with hypocritical and epitomous social abuse. Many of the people are generally good-looking with well kept bodies (thanks to the miracles of plastic surgery) and are active in the outdoors. The people are fake: bodies are more important than the person‘s spirit and character because they believe you are what you look like, as if you were a character in the movies. The people are fake with fake boobs, fake lips, fake cheeks and fake eye lashes. L.A is the “plastic surgery capital” of the world. Making money, partying and sex is the meaning of life. If you are shallow, arrogant, superficial, materialistic, and have a good body (even if a fake one), think that life is meaningless other than partying (just look at the corrupt Hollywood culture), you'll do well here. If you are looking for a meaningful life filled with good relationships and want to raise a family like me, forget about it. Moving from the Midwest to California may be very difficult for you, due to the culture shock.

The social structure is extrmely corrupt despite their belief of progress and openess: the government is corrupt, schools are corrupt and the police are corrupt. Californians like to think they are progressive and compassionate, but California is not compassionate by any means. The homeless situation is the worst of any state and even being homeless is almost a crime. If you are a Republican or Conservative and appreciate family values, you will be outcast from much of the population, except in Orange County. You can thank the extreme liberalism coming from Hollywood and the Bay Area for that. They think they are progressive, when in fact all they like to do is put in their ignorant two cents. They talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. You cannot find a more hypocritical culture anywhere.

Californians think their state is the most beautiful in the world (and there is plenty of serenity in the state) and that no other place of natural beauty exists on this planet, and that they are crime-free. What hogwash. Yes, California is very beautiful state with deserts, mountains, beaches and forests. But between all that, California leads the nation in almost everything bad: violent crime, illegal immigration, a growing prison population, drugs, air pollution and an out of control cost of living. So much so that many of its residents are starting to jump ship and move to other states.
California is NOT what it's cracked up to be. I always wanted to live here as a child. I moved here last year and am ready to return to the Midwest because I don’t fit in here: I am Conservative, a registered Republican (even though I vote for the person and not the party), a family man, don’t care about material wealth, have only an average car and an average physique (God forbid). This place sucks for me. I will NEVER bitch about Chicago again and can’t wait to return. CALIFORNIA SUCKS!!
by krock1dk September 04, 2007
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California- On the West Coast. Home to the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Fransisco 49ers and the Sacramento Kings. "The land of fruits and nuts-literally." This quote, which my grandmother says all the time, refers to the large homosexual population of California.
I live in California
by Will May 12, 2004
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