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a badass gundamin gundam seed who 0wnxor the other n00b gun-damns with its big gats. It rides on a little birdy gundam shooting sensless piecess of cannonfodder
cannon fodder: ohhhh noooo its teh calamity gundamn!!!! *argh gets shot by teh calamity!
by Calamity October 05, 2003
16 57
anything with fucking rapidfire
Dude 1: fuck that calamity with the rapidfire!

Dude 2: why would you use the calamity?
by Whiner32134 July 01, 2011
9 13
when a typhoon occurs from every bodily orfice at once
My calamity was so loud it could be heard for miles, blowing trees over and making puppies go deaf.
by Meghan and Jenny March 21, 2003
26 39
A very gay kid, That listens to pussy punk rock and posts at
That calamity, He sure is gay
by Calamity'sMyHoe April 14, 2005
12 69