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Suck My Weiner!

created by Jeydon Wale.
Girl: Hi Hunter!
Hunter:Hi! Now SMW.
by emmazzzing February 07, 2010
Abrieviation for Slit My Wrists.
Jeni: Fuck! my life is shit! im gonna have to smw.
by Andreaaa September 06, 2006
Shaking My Wiener
Trent: Dude did you hear Tony left us to hang out with his mom

Griffin: smw.....
by Lil Bellamy October 03, 2011
originating from smd (suck my dick), smw means "suck my wenis". Generally used by girls since they don't have a dick.
Hey, you owe me $10.
No I dont! smw!
by laxgirl88 April 03, 2011
Shaking-My-Wand: used for Harry Potter fans
"I broke up with my gf"
"smw.. thats the 2nd girl this week!"
by Ty, Bri, Court July 16, 2011
Abbreviation of "Super Mario World" best used in writing.
I like playing smw all day!!!
by InvisibleCoinBlock January 09, 2009
Shaking my weave, showing my black gurl solidatiirty if yaknow didda.
They be hatin' on mY friiendD becuzz she hella thiick iimma so smw.
by nulalagurzllweave4555 August 28, 2010

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