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A dark-complexioned male with an affinity for the color pink and painting his toenails. Cakewalkers are a flamboyant species, usually found breeding in dirty, dark quarters that reek of stale hair and cheap scents. Cakewalkers need to be spoken to slowly, as their minds process at only a fraction of the speed of the normal human brain. Cakewalkers require assistance in performing daily activities from menial activities down to hygiene. People who encounter cakewalkers must be sensitive to the fragility of their sanity, as they lack certain qualities.
Shaba is a cakewalker
by jayma September 28, 2004
one who walks on cake
Colin is a Cakewalker , he has problems.
#cake #walker #cakewalker #walk #cakewalk
by BananaLicker May 04, 2008
comes from the pictures of old cake boxes
a girl in a red dress collecting huge cakes from all over the planet
by lily June 26, 2004
A girl who bothers indian guys. Usually with little or no I.Q
Jen is such a cakewalker!
by Shaba April 26, 2004
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