a guy who incessantly cheeses on girls, showering them with attention, compliments and, in extreme cases, gifts. Most cakers are guys who could not hook up without engaging in said activities, and even then it's somewhat of a struggle.

Additionally, cakers tend not to be particularly discriminatory in the looks department (i.e., their caking is not exclusive to attractive females).

Also note that many cakers believe that they are studs, but they're really just every girl's platonic friend because he kisses their asses.
"Damn, did you see Nick at that party tonight? He told like every girl there she was pretty. What a caker!"
by MSR27 March 04, 2006
a person who try to spend money or shower a person with gifts in hopes of getting them to sleep with them
that caker only gets women cause of how much dough he tosses arround
by ThaProphet April 05, 2006
cake eatin fool such as nicole morrow
i am a caker every day during third hour
by tony sholty December 22, 2005
a man who works out regularly but remains overweight....kinda like a new world "beefcake"
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
A slacker. One who slacks off when they are supposed to be doing stuff.
You cakers out there in Richland better listen up, man cause your tortilla's going to be flipped!
by JonathanChance June 23, 2004

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