Noun. Mouth, i.e. the orifice one ought to be using for eating cake rather than talking shit. From the British slang cakehold, a vulgarity in the 50s or 60s. Now recognized as a very juvenile colloquialism. See also pie-hole.
Shut your cake-hole, or I will shut it for you!
by Jenn Frank September 08, 2005
Top Definition
A word used to describe your mouth.
Bitch, shut your cake hole!
by Bomni February 08, 2005
Your mouth. See piehole.
You wouldn't be so fat if you'd quit jamming donuts into your cakehole.
by Joe August 14, 2003
I shoved my penis so far up her cakehole, she squealed in delight.
by cake baker October 22, 2011
slang for anus, butthole
he takes it up the cake hole
by silve-ja May 20, 2005
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