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The gift or ability of being able to produce powerful farts on demand.
It stung their nose and it burnt their eyes and it even scorched the grass, and I twigged right then and there "He's got a double jointed ass."
by silve-ja May 20, 2005
Slang for scrotum sack
I saw an old man's lolly bag at the nude beach.
by silve-ja May 20, 2005
An evening of prolonged sex, resulting in lack of sleep.
Q: You coming to the footy today mate?
A: Nah, I'm fucked, had a big night on the box last night.
by silve-ja May 20, 2005
An unpleasant state resulting from intoxication.
Q: You want to go get a kebab?
A: No way, I'm fingered
by silve-ja May 20, 2005
slang for anus, butthole
he takes it up the cake hole
by silve-ja May 20, 2005
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