A cake-eater is a person usually coming from a wealthier family, who has superficial depth and values (stuck-up, tacky and conceited), plays the politically correct game to the upper-most, all because they believe they are better than others due to their wealth or over-abundance of false pride.
She is such a cake-eater!! You wore a shirt with a little beer stain on it and she laughed at you like she's never seen one before.
by Viking 1 August 31, 2008
A derogitory term used towards those who live in Edina, Minnesota, due to the stereotype that all of the people are white, rich, stuck up school, who shows off their wealth by bragging about their new iPhone and their daily cup of Starbucks. Now not all students are rich spoiled brats, some of which are some of the nicest people whom you could ever meet.

Being from Edina, I laughed at all the other definitons, because they were pretty true. I probably laughed a little too much, but that's Edina for you. I am apart of the group that think. It's more like one half stuck up brats, the other half, insane people who pretty much are the living definition of Tumblr... (i.e. me, and my friends)
Generic Edina Kid: "Who is getting the brand new iPhone Six when it comes out?"
*five other kids raise their hands*
(a real quote from an Edina Student)

Other Edina Kid 1: *Screams in demon voice* I AM TRAIN FEAR ME, CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO

Other Edina Kid 2: YASSSSSSSSS.
Generic Edina Kid: *gives a wtf look*
Other Edina Kids: HAHAHA BE AFRAID!

Anywhere but Edina: Ugh, they are such cake eaters...
by GeekyFanGirl September 22, 2014
Used by many Celtic people to describe a sissy and/or a weak male. Other words for the same term would be Nancy or Sally.
Hey, Joe can't even pick up that light folder. Joe is such a Cake-eater!
by Diego7979 August 20, 2008
A person who is rich or has some sort of wealth handed to them. These people usually slid by in society with the help of their parents. These children's don't do much for themselves and get spoiled.. Also most of the time cake eaters are young teenagers.
Loyola Academy students are cake eaters
by Loyola student November 04, 2013
Rich fucker whos parents give them too much money. student of Edina or Duluth East. se also: spoiled rotten or daddys money
John:(to Timmy) i dont know if i should drive the BMW or the Corvette today.
timmy: id say you need stop being such a fuckin cake eater and ride your bike like the rest of us middle schoolers.
by Trojan4life09 March 12, 2011
1. (noun./adj.)- someone who is rich, goes shopping every weekend =x

2. irene
irenes a cakeeater
by WHO ELSE! March 21, 2003
50's slang for a ladies man or these days a guy you'd call a "player"
Yo that guy fucks every girl he sees and doesn't care. He's such a cake-eater.
by Dumb13D00r1sAw3s0m3 March 06, 2011

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