A 30something to 50something man of modest to respectable accomplishment who lands an attractive but no longer hot
female.She's either been buried in her own professional
accomplishments and finally looked up to find those men she
competes with are only interested in "young n'tight"...Or she's badly overplayed her hand and now finds that the trips to Tahiti and leased Benzos are'nt part of the picture anymore at that 30something range.In steps the CADDY.To him-she's quite a catch.To her-he will just have to do."Here...hold my purse while I try these shoes on."
CHICK:"Alberto!...how nice to see you!(hug)Hope everything is
CADDY:"Who was that?"
CHICK:"Just a dear friend from my investment banking days in
New York.Don't forget my shopping bags."
by L.MARTIN October 30, 2005
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1. a low paying, demeaning job (also see: McJob)

2. A cadillac car, often driven by pimps.

by Khanrad July 08, 2003
When a person or group of people, usually friends, or sometimes in college sorority sisters, act very immature, don't ever escape the "high school mindset" such as getting caught up in stupid (caddy) drama that is relatively unimportant, are sometimes annoying, loud, obnoxious, materialistic, drunk, change their morals for the acceptance of others, act like they are "the shit" and above others in status who are not in that group, etc. things of that nature.
I can't stand that group of peoples' "caddy" attitudes. They are going no where in life until they realize that they need to grow up and stop acting so... "CADDY"!
by Cali Girl 3131 December 12, 2008
did you see bob in that ill caddy doin 120
by A-Hop June 10, 2003
1. An assistant who carries a golfer's clubs.

2. A pimpmobile, especially a Cadillac.
I be pimpin in my caddy.
by Rosh April 20, 2003
1. Someone who carries your golf clubs for you.

2. Something that carries your food or drinks for you.

3. An abbreviated nickname for a Cadillac.

Not to be confused with "catty", which means when females don't play nice with each other. As in "ME-OW!!! If dat catty biyotch's looks could kill! I can't help it if her man is checkin' me out."
Should I use my pitching or sand wedge to get me out of the gravel parking lot next to some old guy's Caddy on this shot? Let me put my beer back in its caddy & go ask my caddy which club to use.
by ThatKasper May 12, 2011
To caddy, is to hold out one's palm and allow another to mix cannabis and tobacco on it.

Once mixed, it is then sprinkled into rolling paper - this may also be accomplished on the palm of the caddy.
Hey Toby, caddy for me?
by St. Jay August 28, 2008
a person that thinks they are better than everyone but they are really below them.
keke is a caddy ass girl
by brooklynmade November 24, 2014

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