1) Golfer's assisstant

2) Shitty car that thinks poor build quality and ram-sham controls will be offset by size.
1) Tiger wood's caddy is one of the highest paid austrailian atheletes.

2) Pimps and other scum like to drive a caddy.
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
A mispronounciation of the first name Cady (pronounced kay-DEE). As heard on the movie Mean Girls. Also heard by every female by the name of Cady on the planet.
"Hey Caddy. You're looking good tonight, guh'."
"That's not my name, mufugga."
by cantcatchme March 16, 2009
1. A Cadillac.

2. Nickname for old school VW Rabbit Pickup. (typically used by VW enthusiasts)
We saw a real nice Caddy at Waterfest, dropped down and out.
by Street.Nations September 15, 2008
A mean person
Acts like a whore

Has no real friends do to the fake factor of themselves and their poor behavior
That girl is such a caddy
by rainbows and stuff December 23, 2010
NO NO NO NO NO a caddy is a person who is your bitch there is only one way of making someone your caddy by caddyizing them
caddy go get me a beer

caddy then returns with a beer
by herculesdivad March 11, 2010
A cadillac. Useally drivin by pimps.
Yo, check out that pimp over there in that caddy.
by cartman5000 July 27, 2004
When said in an australian accent its means a large quantity of money.
Cough up the caddy, Bee!
by luciejay August 02, 2007

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