Regency-era swear word, meaning a man who doesn't treat women proper.
Regency woman: Forsooth, Eminem, for thou art such a cad!

Eminem: Yo, shut yo mouth yo beeatch, and suck mah cock, and den yall fuck off back to yo own time zone

Regency woman: (faints at hearing so much bad language)
by Andy April 20, 2004
Someone who is vulgar and shows no regaurd towards proper ettiquette or speech around someone of importance
"Hey baby," John exclaimed, jovially, "that was QUICK!"

"Yeah," Melissa replied nonchalantly, "I just pissed in under one minute."

"Baby, don't be such a cad!" John replied harshly.
by KristianLover June 02, 2009
Cunt,Arse Dick.
What a cad !
by Walloper. October 22, 2008
Chronic Asian Dater. Typically a scrawny, super-pale, weak, geeky white boy who dreams of meeting a submissive Asian stereotype since he is terrified of women stronger than he (which, of course, almost all women are).
Me: That Dr. Who-looking nerd is on his fifth Yuki this month!
You: Yeah, he's looking for a girl who will walk two steps behind his pathetic ass on their way to tea ceremony class.
by ChicagoNomad July 08, 2005
Shorthand for the Canadian dollar. References the delightfully colourful monopoly money which Canucks use to buy beer, weed, and moosemeat from each other. Worth considerably less than American currency, but is much easier to use.
I bought some stupid crap on eBay before I realized that $45 USD is like $800 CAD.
by luke! June 10, 2004
A particularly foolish individual, usually of a high social status, who enjoys ripping others off and delights in the coining of phrases such as "Wizard" and "Jeepers Creepers Anthony!". Often cads attend prestigious colleges all over the world, such as The Amritsar Multipurpose Educational Centre, while still upholding imperialist views. HUH!
" Why I say Hannibal, that's damn hilarious. He IS a cad after all!"
by Parcival December 04, 2007
; A Stud
; the complete opposite of a dad

60% of women said they would prefer to have SEX with a cad, but only 13% said they would want him engaged to their daughters.
You're going to have lots of grandchildren, thank god your shtuped that cad.
by peter.jubb October 27, 2003
a person who is extremely dramatic, and thus whiny
lisa: omg somebody stole my booger machine
moby: that's a really caddish thing to say lisa
by Jack LR July 20, 2008

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