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the act of loving your girlfriend.
I'm cactus-ing my girlfriend.
by SupDaniii March 29, 2010
A type of prank calling which originated within a small communtity of phreakers called the Phone Losers Of America. The point is to tie the word "cactus" into the prank call as many times as possible without sounding like a prank call.
Murd0c is planning on cactusing this catholic suicide hotline later.
by Sparx March 19, 2005
going out to The Neon Cactus at Purdue University, its a Thursday must-do for 21 year olds
Hey, are you cactusing tonight?
by Karen Booker February 23, 2012
masturbation at its finest. With or wittout artifical lube.
Jim likes to use astroglide while cactusing
by Hugh G. Balls February 11, 2003